About Anna Grochowska

Passionate about bridging the gap between technology and humanistic values, I have been working in a space that combines industrial engineering and customer relations. My technical background kept me involved in construction, technology and RnD projects, starting in Poland where I graduated in Material Science and Engineering. My commercial skills took me to France, where I became marketing and sales director of ETIA, a branch Vow, helping industry to go green. Wiser for this experience, I keep discovering the crossings of technology, creativity and human understanding of the business, dimensions which converge to open a way for genuine innovation.
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Connecting Cultures


Engineering, innovation, creativity, art and the humanities… Those seemingly distant territories do not associate easily. This Insight, entitled Connecting Cultures, explores the cultures lying behind those disciplines, and discovers a number of fascinating cases for their complementarity, thereby bringing to light actual connections between them.

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Discover ecoart: an art discipline that uses the expressive power of the humanities in the service of environmental issues.

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