Welcome to our Antidotes, a series of short features penned to induce a few smiles and wry faces. Every fortnight or so, our columnist ponders with hearty candour some of the perplexing issues of our times.


  • worth some effort

Worth Some Effort, Maybe?


A conversation about our ailing Mother Earth, supported by The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World. It is worth some effort, maybe?

Worth Some Effort, Maybe?2022-07-21T15:34:50+00:00
  • vadviam the brain side effect

The Brain Side Effects


At a farewell party I had accidentally dropped by last week, the only thing the crowd there cared about was whether you were “right-brained” or “left brained”. This was the sole question you could hear on the revellers’ lips; everybody, for some alcoholic reason, had this same darn bee in their bonnet.

The Brain Side Effects2022-07-21T15:34:34+00:00
  • If the King Loves Music - Vadviam

If the King Loves Music


The first time I came across this Chinese saying, I remained pensive for a minute or two: If the King loves music, it is well with the land... I also read it once phrased this way: If the King loves music, his people will sleep like babies. Understood: they will have peace, not war.

If the King Loves Music2022-09-09T10:49:47+00:00
  • franck eono - no need to panic

No Need to Panic


Thank God, the good news keep trickling in. Researchers have just unearthed one more exoplanet that might, possibly, be habitable. And in cosmic terms it sort of lies in our neighbourhood: 117 light years away...

No Need to Panic2022-05-03T12:19:32+00:00
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