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  • green communication

Sztuka zrównoważonej komunikacji (🇬🇧)


We live in the information age. Our surroundings deliver us an enormous volume of facts, figures and opinions. Internet, our mailboxes, company servers seem overloaded with information. In such a context what can be the added value, for any green business, when it takes the trouble to start or keep communicating about its sustainable products and services?

Sztuka zrównoważonej komunikacji (🇬🇧)2022-08-13T12:45:20+00:00
  • sustainability communication

Nowe podejście do zrównoważonego rozwoju? (🇬🇧)


The main goal of business is to make money, as the saying goes. But the times are changing quickly. With the rise of the sustainability goals, motivations of entrepreneurs are shifting from mere profit-making. In this insight, we dive into sustainability communication through facts and data, placing it in the context of CSRD, the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

Nowe podejście do zrównoważonego rozwoju? (🇬🇧)2022-08-13T12:45:35+00:00
  • energy cultures

Kultury energii (artykuł po angielsku)


The word culture it is often put to good use by some specific groups. One might reasonably ask whether we could we speak of an energy culture? This article explores some of the ways in which individuals are influenced in the choices they make when it comes to energy.

Kultury energii (artykuł po angielsku)2022-07-21T19:42:11+00:00
  • Art: an ace up the engineers' sleeve

Sztuka: as w rękawie inżyniera? (🇬🇧)


Edwin Herbert Land, the scientist and inventor who co-founded the Polaroid Corporation, once said: “Industry is at best at the intersection of science and art”. By throwing bridges across culture gaps and linking up with the arts and humanities, environmental technology professionals and enterprises can reap a wide range of benefits.

Sztuka: as w rękawie inżyniera? (🇬🇧)2022-08-13T12:06:27+00:00
  • connecting cultures

Kultura nauki, kultura sztuki (🇬🇧)


Engineering, innovation, creativity, art and the humanities… Those seemingly distant territories do not associate easily. This Insight, entitled Connecting Cultures, explores the cultures lying behind those disciplines, and discovers a number of fascinating cases for their complementarity, thereby bringing to light actual connections between them.

Kultura nauki, kultura sztuki (🇬🇧)2022-08-13T12:04:49+00:00
  • ecoart, ecological art example



Czy połączenie działań naukowych i artystycznych ma sens? A tym bardziej, czy jest ono w ogóle możliwe? Według nas, tak. W tym materiale zgłębiamy istotę eko-sztuki, opowiadając o jej podłożu, przykładach zastosowania oraz potencjale, który ze sobą niesie.

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