Value added via added meaning


The story begins by the chance encounter, in Paris, of two professionals who have long been working in environmental technologies, customer relations and various forms of storytelling. They share a common vision, echoed in the motto of the company they decide to jointly establish: “Value added via added meaning”. Vadviam has come into being.

Equipped with a thorough understanding of technical matters and a sound experience acquired in the arts and humanities, the tandem decides to pursue one chief objective: help businesses improve their market presence and, whenever possible, highlight the societal, humanistic and sometimes artistic dimensions of the solutions they offer.


Our team combines years of experience in new technology development, client relations and storytelling craftsmanship. This alliance enables us to help enterprises optimize their market presence by contemplating, through the artistic and humanistic lens, the projects and solutions they put forth, thereby enhancing their readability and significance.

anna grochowska

Anna Grochowska

Passionate about bridging the gap between technology and humanistic values, I have been working in a space that blends industrial engineering and customer relations. My technical background kept me involved in construction, technology and RnD projects, starting in Poland where I graduated in Material Science and Engineering. My commercial skills took me to France, where I became marketing and sales director of ETIA (a branch of Vow), helping industry to go green. This journey allowed me to work with large-scale international businesses and directly contribute to the offset of thousands of tonnes of CO2.

Wiser for the unique experience of commercializing innovative technologies focusing on carbon sequestration and the sustainable management of waste and biomass, I keep exploring, at the crossroads of science, technology, art and the humanities, the very foundations of creativity and innovation.

françois dauteuil

François Dauteuil

Hailing from Canada and hooked on the magic of language, I pursued university studies in cinema before starting a career as a scriptwriter, reporter and film director. This chapter allowed me to stand behind productions such as Estelle, Pluie d’été and Ils mèneront le monde, and receive awards and nominations for Best Director, Best Drama and Best Soundtrack (Banff Film Festival, Yorkton Film Festival, Gemini Awards).

After moving to France, I embarked on a long journey made up of storytelling, copywriting and translation assignments, working with groups such as Hachette Film Office, the OECD, Designit/Cooper, United International Pictures, Studio Canal and the Canadian Embassy in Paris, to name a few.

Armed with the literary and artistic experience of all those years, I have chosen to keep sharing my passion for words and communication through my commitment to the Vadviam adventure.


Commercialisation and communication of advanced or novel technologies can often prove a great challenge, especially in a world flooded with information and following unchartered paths.

Strategic advisory, visual and text communication, art and business collaboration… Look no further: we can help you!

We are always open for dialogue on how to address your specific needs. Please contact us to find out about the many ways we can we work together.

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