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Go-to-market and communication of cutting edge and innovative technologies can often prove to be a great challenge, especially in a world flooded with information and following unchartered paths.

The B2B services we propose are combining a sound experience in engineering and the marketing of innovative green technologies, with practical skills in written and visual communication.

By bringing together these fields of expertise, we help our customers in their strategic business development and act for them as a versatile partner.

We optimize the commercial strategy to enhance the value proposition of new technologies and accelerate their development.

Businesses developing innovative environmental technologies are often staffed with highly technical teams facing a great challenge: accessing uncontested markets and entering into discussion with early product adopters.

At that stage, having the right market focus and strategy to win over the potential customers is essential. Thorough market analysis, identifying risks and opportunities in product development, assessing the technology readiness, and developing alliances to enhance the value proposition: these are just a few examples that can significantly impact the speed of market introduction and delegation of engineering resources. By engaging in strategic advisory we help enterprise achieve their market presence faster and optimize their allocation of resources.

Often, introducing new environmental technologies requires going beyond the conventional sales approach. Dealing with technically complex and versatile solutions, factors such as trust, industry expertise and technical credibility are considered critical. We enhance the development of unique methods of interacting with clients, and thus move the projects ahead in a structured way. By mapping and standardizing the processes, sales and marketing toolbox, we help to speed up project development and significantly contribute to building trust in your business.

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We design the visual and text communication that clearly conveys the technical, ecological and business facets of the offering.

Complex and innovative solutions need engaging communication to connect with their respective prospects, customers, partners and suppliers. A clear, intelligible presentation of the process will reflect better on both the technology and the business behind it, not to mention that will save internal resources from redundant and unnecessary work.

Yet, the engineering teams often find it difficult to convey their knowledge through text or visual communication, and marketing-oriented experts sometimes may not address sufficiently the intrinsic issues behind technology. Thanks to our engineering experience, our competence in green technologies and our understanding of customer perspective, we pledge to design visual and text communication that break down the issues into non-specialized terms and, without putting technical features on the back seat, describe the solution in a clear and persuasive way.

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We set up business and art collaboration projects aimed at making a positive impact and empowering people.

On a highly competitive market, environmental products, skillful marketing and existing CSR strategy do not always provide enough business differentiation. Often, innovative approaches and initiatives fitting into the ESG scheme are needed to turn the enterprise into a sustainability groundbreaker and front-runner.

To help business take up this challenge, we have developed a multi-solving approach, introducing initiatives that contribute to ESG performance and give enterprises a competitive edge. The art-business collaboration enhances team members’ skills, corporate culture and out-of-the box thinking, while the accompanying art exhibitions educate people about sustainable solutions and the contribution of enterprise to society. This often connects with an increased visibility and augmented brand image, which leads to higher stakeholder buy-in and offers business a unique competitive edge.

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