Project Description


HUA Guanjun

Architecture, Shanghai Jiao Tong School of Design

A word from the artist :

“This work takes the future green intelligent building as the theme, and 3D prints the future energy-saving and environment-friendly green buildings by referring to AI generated pictures. The building includes green gas supply system, isolated warehouse, electric tower, residential area and research area with solar panels, indoor greenhouse, which integrates green gas supply, power supply and heating, and does not consume any energy.”


About the IDEARTS

Art can be defined in a thousand different manners. In today’s world, it is increasingly regarded as a way to learn and share about sustainability and green technologies; as a lever to raise awareness on climate change and throw light on workarounds for global warming; as a means to better understand the problematics of our times and the prospects for our future.

For its very first edition, Vadviam’s IDEARTS programme has invited Architecture and Landscape Architecture students from renowned Shanghai Jiao Tong School of Design to create artworks intended to illustrate environmental issues and offer solutions for global sustainability.

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