Project Description


XU Mingsong

Architecture, Shanghai Jiao Tong School of Design

A word from the artist :

“Collage works. Mouth is the main element. The mouths of the author himself and Marilyn Monroe are selected, and the contrasting texture and silhouette content are used to express the author’s thinking about nature and man-made, self and others.
The left side is the author’s own mouth, the dry and cracked land is the texture of the skin, the rust is the texture of the lips, and the inside of the mouth is the factory and its waste gas and waste water. The image seems to be the scars left on the body by the harsh environment.
On the right is Marilyn Monroe’s mouth, the water pattern is the skin texture, the lips are the pattern of apples, and the mouth is blue enchantress, white lotus, and tree. The beauty of nature and the beauty of man complement each other.
The final result is the collision and infection of texture, color and theme.”


About the IDEARTS

Art can be defined in a thousand different manners. In today’s world, it is increasingly regarded as a way to learn and share about sustainability and green technologies; as a lever to raise awareness on climate change and throw light on workarounds for global warming; as a means to better understand the problematics of our times and the prospects for our future.

For its very first edition, Vadviam’s IDEARTS programme has invited Architecture and Landscape Architecture students from renowned Shanghai Jiao Tong School of Design to create artworks intended to illustrate environmental issues and offer solutions for global sustainability.

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